Peppercorn BBQ Ranch Burgers

Looking for a great excuse to fire up the grill?

Look no further!

This recipe for Peppercorn BBQ Ranch Burgers is easy and oh-so yummy!
Recipe - Peppercorn BBQ Ranch Burgers
2 lbs Ground Beef
1 Packet Ranch Seasoning
1/3 Cup Crushed Peppercorn
1/4 Cup Ranch Dressing
1/4 Cup BBQ Sauce
Cheddar Cheese


Combine ground beef with ranch seasoning.

Shape into balls and coat with crushed peppercorn.

Press into patties.

Cook burgers over grill. When cooked through, remove from heat, and add slice of cheddar cheese.

Combine ranch dressing and barbecue sauce in bowl for a BBQ-Ranch sauce.

Place burgers on buns (we like ours toasted 'round here!), and top with BBQ-Ranch sauce.


Source: Iowa Girl Eats

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