10 [Unofficial] Tips for a Fun Mom's Getaway

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One week ago today, three lovely adoptive mommas and I bid farewell to an incredible Mom's Getaway in the Windy City.
Holiday Inn Hotel Chicago
We've only been home a week, and we're already talking about doing it again next year!

I know there are some of you are reading and thinking to yourself -- I've gotta do this. I've gotta grab my closest gal pals and get outta town.

I think you should. And I think you should do it right.

So I've done a little self-reflecting and present to you the following ((drum roll, please))...

10 [Unofficial] Tips for a Fun Mom's Getaway:

Breakfast buffet at Holiday Inn Hotel

1. Make sure there's breakfast at your hotel

Seriously. What's a better way to start your day than with a breakfast buffet?

Not only will you be amazed at how much food you can eat when you're not tending to your kiddos, it won't be cold by the time you eat it!

French toast with no syrup in your hair? EXTRA BONUS. Fresh fruit, an endless supply of hot coffee, rolls, pancakes, oatmeal, muffins...you name it -- it's waiting for you at the Holiday Inn hotel.

Eat up and enjoy, mommas!
View from Holiday Inn Hotel Chicago
2. Pick a great location

This stunning view was literally steps outside our hotel.

We were within walking distance to the train, tons of restaurants and a fun comedy bar.

It was convenient for us to get literally everywhere.
Tips for a Fun Mom's Getaway Holiday Inn Chicago
3. Have fun!

Forget about the rules you enforce at home.

Put on your PJs early and eat some cheese and caramel Garrett Popcorn mix in bed!

Stay up late talking and laughing and crying, and remember what it's like to have uninterrupted fun with your gals.

Pampering Holiday Inn
4. Make time for pampering

Let's face it. As moms we can easily justify not spending money on ourselves.

But if there's anything I learned after a one-hour massage at a local spa, it's that we have to prioritize taking care of us...and when we do that, we may even be better moms!

[I know I'm a better mom person without that knot cranked in my neck.]

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria Chicago
5. Don't count calories

Okay, lemme be honest. I don't count calories ever, but if YOU do, it's not allowed on a Mom's Getaway.

Who wants to count calories when your Facebook friends throw out dozens of suggestions for pizza places? Not me!

By the way: Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is legit -- a homemade buttery crust with sheets of cheese -- YES. SHEETS OF CHEESE -- topped with hand-squeezed fresh tomatoes.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it....
Mom's Getaway Chicago
6. Dessert is a requirement

Order dessert!

Take advantage of the time you don't have to SHARE your plate or get it clobbered with little hands. ;)

[See Tip #5 above for additional reasoning.]
Mom's Getaway Chicago Bean
7. Invest in a selfie stick


Mom's Getaway Chicago Bean

So you can snap group photos without your clunky camera in the reflection.

And because seriously, you look awesome when you're taking a group pic with a selfie-stick ;)

Mom's Getaway weekend at Holiday Inn Chicago
8. Allow yourself to be treated like a VIP

When we got back from a fun Saturday night downtown, a woman at the front desk said, "Welcome back, ladies!" 

It was refreshing to be recognized as ladies and not frazzled moms trying to keep everything together ;)

So whether it's hopping in a limousine to get you to your pampering appointments, or ordering an extra glass of wine after dinner, allow yourself to be treated like the VIP momma that you are!
Holiday Inn Chicago Cityscape Bar

9. Check out the hotel's amenities

Check out this phenomenal floor-to-ceiling view of the Windy Cindy we had at dinner one night.

The best part: We didn't have to leave the Holiday Inn hotel [talk about convenient]!

Between an on-site restaurant, fitness area, swimming pool and our favorite Cityscape Bar, we honestly wouldn't have had to leave the hotel at all.

Before you book a place for your mom's getaway, check out the amenities.

Make sure there's Wifi so you can stay connected with your family back home.

Comfy pillows and gorgeous views are a bonus!
Mom's Getaway at Holiday Inn Chicago
10. Relax

Stay up late.

Sleep in late.

Don't set an alarm [unless it's one to remind you that you've got a massage at 10 a.m.], and savor in the gorgeous views from your hotel room.

Have you been on a getaway with friends? Where'd you go? Where do you WANT to go? Join the conversation in the comments below! 

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