Announcing Our Pregnancy

Last month at our daughter's adoption finalization celebration, we had the opportunity to tell many of our family and dear friends about our pregnancy.

After the court hearing, we stood outside for a group photo.

And with the help of our favorite photographer [Tess Irene Photography], we caught their reaction on camera.

Tess started by asking everyone to say, "It's Official!"
Surprise Pregnancy Announcement
(Great pic, huh?! Our hearts were racing...)

Then she said, "Everyone say, 'Kendra and Olivia are going to be big sisters!'"
Surprise Pregnancy Announcement
(Cue the confusion...although Angela on the right seems to have caught on quickly!)

Finally, Chris and I yelled, "We're pregnant!"
Surprise Pregnancy Announcement
And that's when the screams and tears and hugs out of pure disbelief started.
Pregnant After Infertility

Pregnant After Infertility
It was great -- and to be honest, it was also somewhat surreal -- to be able to share our news with so many people we love and care about.
Pregnant After Infertility
And when I look at my two daughters, my heart sometimes feels like it could burst just imagining them with another little brother or sister to love.
Adoption Finalization
We are so blessed.
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