Our Daughter's Adoption Finalization [in Pictures]

Forever Family Adoption Photography
A few weeks ago, we finalized our youngest daughter's adoption in our hometown.
Forever Family Adoption Photography
We were eager and ready for the court to deem what we'd already felt for nine months: we are her family.
Forever Family Adoption Photography
So on a Friday afternoon, we filled the courtroom with people near and dear to us to witness the judge deeming us worthy as her parents.Forever Family Adoption Photography
There would be no more attorney visits, social worker visits, fingerprints, medical records...
Forever Family Adoption Photography
No more "checking in" from the powers-that-be...
Forever Family Adoption Photography
On September 11, 2015, we were officially and permanently chosen as Kendra's forever family.
Adoption Photography
And nothing made me happier that day than knowing we have the privilege of raising this sweet, happy girl as our daughter.
Adoption Photography
After the short finalization hearing, my parents treated everyone to dinner at our favorite restaurant back home, The East Bremer Diner.
Adoption Finalization Party
And of course it wouldn't be a celebration in our family without cake!
Adoption Photography
Thank you for celebrating with us from near and far, and for welcoming this lil' gal into your lives and prayers.
Adoption Photography
It is such an honor to be chosen as her momma.

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