The Beauty of Open Adoption During Pregnancy

It's no secret we love our daughters and their birth families tremendously.

We talk with them fairly regularly, and some of my favorite moments are sending photos of the girls that are bound to make them as proud as we are.

A couple of months ago, we talked with Kendra's birth mom over video chat for the first time since she joined our family.

She was one of the first people we told about our pregnancy.

And I'll NEVER forget her reaction -- absolutely priceless.

I'm surprised the speaker didn't blow out of my phone from her shrieking with sheer happiness.

"Kendra's gonna be a big sister! You're gonna have THREE!" she said.

We told Olivia's birth mom the same night who was just as shocked as we were when we found out we were pregnant.

"I'm so glad y'all get to experience what we got to experience. I pray for y'all all the time, and I'm just so happy for you!"  she said.

Their genuine happiness and unwavering support for our growing family means the world to us.

I can't tell you how many times they've checked in -- not only to ask how the girls are doing -- but to find out how I'm feeling.

And as I look back on our adoption journeys to Olivia and Kendra, I'm amazed at the beauty that open adoption has brought to our family.

A couple once brokenhearted with infertility now bound together with more love from more people than we ever knew existed.

I think what we've learned along the way is that open adoption doesn't stop with the placement of a child; it doesn't end with predetermined updates and holiday cards and photos from a child...

You see, the children we share offer a connector -- a link for our families who were once strangers -- to always love and support and care for one another forever.

And you know what?

That's a pretty cool bonus in this whole adoption thing.

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