Top 3 Reasons All Moms Need a Getaway

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It was 9:45 a.m.

I had already spilled my coffee, and I was running late [as usual] except this time I was a blubbering mess because I was leaving for three days, and saying goodbye to my family was hard.

Once I plugged in my GPS and hit the road, though, my initial feelings of guilt and worry subsided.

No diaper bags in tow. No bottles to make. No strollers to lug around. No crackers being thrown across the minivan. No crying in the car seats...

It was just me and the interstate. And my half-spilled coffee.

Then it happened.

Six hours, a few pit stops and one traffic jam later, three of my closest girlfriends and I found ourselves holding the key to an entire weekend of relaxation and fun at the Holiday Inn hotel in the Windy City.
Holiday Inn Hotel Relax Getaway

Amanda, Miki, Amy and I don't see each other often. Distance and the chaos of everyday life easily get in the way.
Chicago Holiday Inn Hotel
Ready for a day of pampering and sightseeing
after a full [uninterrupted] night's sleep at the 
Holiday Inn hotel's Chicago Mart Plaza - River North.
That's why I was excited to spend the weekend with them.

Plus, we have a lot in common.

A lot.

We've survived heartache in the trenches of infertility, and all of our families have been blessed immensely through adoption.

As adoptive moms with similar hearts, we get each other. There's an unspoken bond that links us together.

These are my people.
Holiday Inn Hotel Chicago
Over the weekend, we laughed. We cried a little. We ate delicious food. Snacked in bed. Stayed up too late. Slept in. Had breakfast made for us. And we laughed some more.

But most of all, we remembered that while motherhood is a welcomed title we proudly hold -- and one that didn't come easily for any of us -- we are more than moms. 

We are women and wives and friends who love our families and also recognize it's okay to take a break. To step away and rejuvenate without the pitter-pattering of adorable little feet following our own footsteps.

Our fun weekend away was exactly what we needed. And you know what? I kinda think ALL moms do.

Here's why:
Why All Moms Need a Getaway
1. All moms need a break.

Yes. All moms need -- and deserve -- a break! Step away from your role as chef and nap warden, and let someone else do the cooking, bed-making and coffee-pouring! Take time to relax, eat hot meals, go to the bathroom by yourself and ((gasp)) sleep soundly through the night with no interruptions.

2. Allow your kids to spend time with others.

No doubt about it, your role as a momma is important and YOU are irreplaceable. But your kids can survive without you...and they may even have fun! That doesn't mean they won't miss you or you won't miss them, but don't worry about it. If you stay at a place like our home away from home, the free in-room WiFi ensures endless opportunities to check in on your loved ones via video chat!

3. You'll be a better mom.

When you make time to relax and have fun with people who are in a similar season in life, you'll realize you're not swimming in the sea of motherhood alone. Whether it's adoption, infertility, mothering multiples or parenting children with special needs...find your village. Whatever the niche, find your people. Prioritize nurturing relationships with those on a similar journey. Connecting with others who understand your life experiences -- your joys and challenges, your worries and celebrations -- will reassure you that you're doing a great job.

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