How Adoption Has Blessed My Life

Amy is no stranger to This Family's Journey [this adoptive mom's words on infertility were featured here in March].

And her sweet family? They've been on quite a journey themselves! From infertility to adoption, she'll be the first to say it hasn't always been easy, but they're blessed.

Here's Amy in her own words...
Adoption has blessed my life beyond measure and my heart is overjoyed to get to share some of the many ways it has been a blessing.

I know that at first thought my answer should be “adoption blessed me by giving me the family I always dreamed of.” Well, I mean…yes, of course! 

However, there are so many other ways adoption has blessed me too.

Yes, my son is my greatest of the blessings, but I think it is so incredibly important to know that you’ll gain much more than family when you allow yourself to step out in faith and trust God has you on a journey towards adoption for many reasons that you may not yet understand.

Adoption blessed me with a sense of hope I thought was lost forever.

Or, maybe I never even had to start with?

When I hit my lowest during our battle with infertility, I was in a very dark place.

When I thought God had taken away my dreams of being a mother – He placed adoption on my heart – and that is when hope started to plant its seed in my heart.

Adoption gave me hope that I could have my family.
Adoption gave me hope that while I was in a really hard season of life, I wouldn’t be in it forever.
Adoption gave me the hope that I can trust in my Heavenly Father to write the best story for my family.

Adoption blessed me with a faith that can move mountains.

Trust me, if you’re walking the path of adoption your faith has to be bigger than your fears.

Your faith has to be bigger than your own desires.

Your faith has to rise above all so that you can remain confident that all of the hard work, all of the heart break, and the waiting and the bumps in the road are all just part of this bigger plan that God has His hands on.

Before adoption I certainly had faith, but it easily wavered when things didn’t go my way.

Now, when my life hits a bump in the road I know that I don’t need to worry because God’s plans are bigger than my dreams, and I need only be patient.

“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." -Matthew 17:20

Adoption has blessed me with a new understanding of love.

When God calls you to adoption He always calls you to love.

My heart is so much softer.

My heart is much more understanding.

My heart now chooses to see a different side of people than it saw before.

Adoption has taught me that to love a child with my whole heart and soul doesn’t mean that it has to happen biologically.

Adoption taught me that I can love a woman who would chose me to be the parent of her child like I love a sister.

Adoption taught me that my heart has room to love in a capacity that it has never loved before. Adoption is love and love makes a family.

And, to wrap this all up with a beautiful little bow…

Adoption has blessed me with my son. Adoption blessed me by giving me the gift of family.

I now get to call myself a mother.

I now to get to hold my precious child in my arms and there is no greater blessing than that.
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