It's A...

Gorgeous cupcake, right?!
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
But what's inside is even sweeter...
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
After weeping over the images of our miracle baby at our 20-week appointment this morning, we took a sealed envelope to our favorite bakers at Scratch Cupcakery who cooked up somethin' special.
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
Our family has a history of sharing big moments with cupcakes. 
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
From announcing our plans to adopt and finalizing the adoptions of our daughters, we knew we had to order these sweet treats from Scratch Cupcakery to continue with our trend :)
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
Plus, we wanted to find out whether Baby S is a boy or girl as a family and Olivia loves frosting, so it's kind of perfect...dontcha think?!

Wanna know what else is perfect?
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
Gender Reveal Cupcakes
Big Sis-To-Be!
We are so excited to have another girl in the family and continue to be amazed with the miracle of this pregnancy.

What a blessing it is to be chosen as the parents for three sweet girls!

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