Waking Up Today

Waking Up Pregnant Today
Waking up today was different.

As I shuffled out of bed and made my way downstairs to brew a cup of half-caff, I couldn't stop thinking about our news yesterday.

Another girl! 

My heart bubbles with excitement just thinking about our three girls growing up together. All of them brought to us in special ways but bound together by the love and commitment of our family.

Sure, there will be squabbles and hormones and cluttered bathrooms...

There may be boys and proms and weddings (oh my, weddings...), but the thought of being chosen to raise three daughters is simply overwhelming.

I am so grateful.

Seven years ago we prayed for a family.

We begged God to allow us to be parents not knowing the rides of infertility and adoption and pregnancy we'd have ahead of us.

And while some days were tough and the heartaches were real, we'd do it all over again knowing it'd lead us here.

These moments -- and all three of our daughters -- have been worth it all.

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