What I Learned From Crying Over a Frozen Pizza

It was a long day today.

And if I'm being honest, it's been a long couple of weeks.

Tonight I popped a frozen pizza in the oven at 450 degrees; the timer buzzed 14-minutes later.

I opened the oven door, and smoke fogged up my glasses.

Burned to a crisp. 

I slammed the oven door, looked at my husband and tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"I can't even make a pizza without burning it." 

I wept. 

I couldn't understand.

I followed the instructions. I did everything the box told me to do. I did it right.

So it didn't make sense when it came out charred.

"I can't even make a pizza..." 
Having Faith Through Lie Trials and Burnt Pizza
Chris knew my crying had nothing to do with the wasted $6.00 frozen pizza sitting inside the oven.

Rather, it had everything to do with the stress piled onto our family right now -- the [many] things completely out of our control.

Can we all just take a minute to admit that sometimes life is messy?

That sometimes life throws us curve balls that are really, really stressful and terrifying in big ways?

Sometimes I feel like as much as we try to do things "right" -- and no matter how well we follow the instructions -- we can still end up feeling burned. We can still end up trying to make our way through thick smoke we never anticipated coming in the first place.

I don't know where you're at in life right now or if you're struggling to make sense of unexpected things happening around you.

But if life is messy and confusing and scary for you in this moment, please know you're not alone.

Trusting there is a purpose behind trials can be hard. Sometimes, it feels impossible.

But here's to blindly believing any curve balls tossed your way may direct your path to wherever you need to be...even if that means the drive-thru with ice cream for dinner instead of that $6.00 frozen pizza.

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