Being Grateful in Times of Sickness

I'm convinced there's a special place in hell where people feel exactly how I've felt the past three days.

The joy of being pregnant comes at a hefty cost when you get run over by a freight train of severe sinus pressure, drainage and a sore throat.

The best part? No prescription. Just rest and Tylenol.
It's been frustrating to be stuck in bed with a box of Kleenex and container of Sucrets by my side (another pregnancy-approved medicine that tastes glorious, by the way [note the sarcasm]...).

But in the midst of my pouting and sniffling and salt-water gargling and wishing I wasn't missing out on time with my family, I've managed to smile.

I've managed to smile because I'm pretty sure my kids have the best daddy on the planet.

There is something to be said when you're forced to become a bystander and the only thing you can do is watch the way your kids interact with whomever they are with.

All I've seen for days is smiles.

Daddy took them to the library; they visited a train exhibit. After they got home, our oldest excitedly ran into our room to tell me all about seeing Thomas the Train; they got cheeseburgers for dinner; played with mega blocks scattered across the living room floor, sang songs, watched Daniel Tiger, checked in on me countless times...the list goes on.

So while I'm stuck trying to rest and just breathe comfortably, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have married Super Dad.

You see, sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to stop and be genuinely appreciative of the people around us and the roles they play in our lives. And sometimes, in the moments where we're least comfortable, we're able to do a little reflecting on just how lucky we are. And for that, I'm grateful.

I'm also pretty grateful for Kleenex with Aloe, too...just sayin'!

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