One Whole Year

One year ago, I was only a few months into a PR gig after leaving the TV biz.

My friend Stephanie messaged me on Facebook and told me to call her.

Stephanie has a beautiful family; her daughter is adopted and around the same age as our oldest. We've corresponded regularly about the challenges and joys of being mommas via adoption, so getting a message from her wasn't unusual.

But this was different.
How I Learned My Daughter Was Born
Years ago, she and her husband had been listed as hopeful adoptive parents with an attorney a few hours away. They had simply forgotten to update the attorney when they completed the adoption of their daughter to let her know their family was complete.

And on January 6, that attorney called her to see if they were still hoping to adopt.

"No, we're not. But I know the perfect family," she told her, not knowing our home study had expired, our adoption profile was outdated and we had just signed up to start the foster care process.

But through a string of quick work by our former adoption consultant, our social worker and the attorney herself, we found ourselves on a total whirlwind to meet our daughter 12-hours after finding out she even existed in this world.

To this day, I wholeheartedly believe God placed Stephanie and dear, wonderful people in our lives to encourage us and make sure Kendra found our family.

And now, as I sit here reflecting on all of the changes we've endured this past year -- the good, the hard, the beautiful -- I am in awe at how fast our precious daughter has grown.

Kendra is a joy. 
Daughter's First Birthday
She is likely the most chill child on the face of the planet (okay, maybe just in OUR world, but whatever), and it doesn't take much for her show off her contagious 5-toothed smile.
Daughter's First Birthday
I love the way she scrunches her nose, squints her eyes and tilts her head back when she belly laughs.
Daughter's First Birthday
She doesn't like to sit still, but I treasure the fleeting moments where she wants to be snuggled up next to her momma, and I know her daddy does, too.
Adoption Finalization - Tess Irene Photography
I smile every time I watch her keep up with her big sis as they run around the kitchen island together and then fall over from dizziness and giggles. Those gals are two peas in a pod, lemme tell ya.
Sisters via adoption
I see so much of her birth momma in her eyes and her personality -- a level of patience and kindness far beyond her years -- and it makes me so happy.
Daughter's First Birthday
I am incredibly honored I get to do life with this sweet girl as her momma.
Daughter's First Birthday
Today, I'm celebrating Kendra and the immense amount of joy she has filled our home and hearts with for one whole year.
Daughter's Adoption Finalization - Tess Irene Photography
We love you, sweetie.


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