When Foster Care Works

It's no secret my husband and I have a heart for foster care.

In fact, we had just started the foster care process when Kendra joined our family last year.

And when we moved, we intended on starting the licensing process again; but then we found our we were pregnant!

Twice now, God has told us to wait.

While foster care isn't part of the plan for our family yet, I can't help but be encouraged when I hear stories like this one,

So often we hear about "the system" and how it fails people. How children slip through the cracks.

So often, "the system" of foster care gets a bad rap.
Foster Care Reunification
Photo: Lauren Love Photography
But this story about a foster mom and biological mom working together?
Foster Care Reunification
Photo: Lauren Love Photography
This is what it's all about.

What an honor it is to share this story with you [click below to read more]:
Foster Care Reunification

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