No Apologies Needed

Three girls.

A female dog.

And a wife.

My husband's pretty lucky to be graced with the presence of so many ladies (or so he says...).
Ultrasound Gender Reveal
Since finding out Baby #3 is a girl, we've heard it all.

"Dude, you hafta let him get a male dog."

[As if I'm depriving him from testosterone in the house. Pretty sure we have no room in our 2-bedroom town house for another dog with 3 kids under the age of 3. ThankYouVeryMuch.]

"Aw, too bad it's not a boy for Chris."

[As if to imply another girl sucks, and he would love a boy more.]

"He's gonna start getting a man cycle."

[Okay, this one's kinda funny, I'll admit it. But still. Come on, now!]

"Just wait 'til their teenagers."

[Um, yeh. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say ALL teens are a challenge, not just teen girls.]

"Too bad you can't have some of each!"


The thing is this:

We've learned a lot after infertility.

We are thrilled to welcome another girl the the fam; no apologies needed.

Perhaps we see the world a bit differently than people who haven't experienced challenges with growing their family.

We count our blessings -- however and whenever they come to us -- even if they don't meet some socially constructed standard of familial proportions.

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