To The Woman Who Needs My Hair

A couple of weeks ago, I sat nervously in the salon and watched my stylist chop off a whopping 10-inches of my hair.
Why I Donated My Hair: Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Three snips and it was gone.
Donating Hair Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Nothin' like holding your head of hair in your hands, lemme tell ya!

Donating my hair has always been on my bucket-list, but it became an actual possibility when I left the TV biz to stay at home.
Why I Donated My Hair: Pantene Beautiful Lengths
As I packaged up my hair to send off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, I couldn't help but get a little emotional.

Maybe the pregnancy hormones are to blame, but I couldn't stop thinking about the woman who will receive it. 
Why I Donated My Hair: Pantene Beautiful Lengths
To The Woman Who Needs My Hair:

I don't know you. And you don't know me. But I can't help but feel like we're connected now since we have so many strands of hair we're sharing between us.

When you put on your new 'do with some of those wavy brunette strands that once draped down my back, I hope it empowers you.

I hope it gives you the strength you need to keep fighting.

And I hope it makes you feel more like your beautiful, strong, courageous self again.

When I decided to grow out my hair with the intention of donating it, it was hard.

Having to manage long hair with two young daughters isn't an easy feat, so I learned to quickly pick out any waffle particles from breakfast, toss it up in the "messy bun," and go on with my day.

But there rarely was a day that went by where I wouldn't look in the mirror and think about how much easier it'd be to chop it off to my shoulders and call it good.

Shorter hair was what I was used to. And frankly, it was just easier for me.

But all that seems so superficial in the grand scheme of things, doesn't it?

Because I'm sure there's not a day that goes by where you wish you didn't need someone else's hair.

Where you wish you didn't have to lose your own.

Where you wish you had a choice like I did.

As hard as it was for me to keep it growing and managing it, I recognize it's nothing compared to the road you're on. The long journey you're bravely navigating.

Please know that when you rock that new wig -- each and every one of those strands symbolizes a sincere effort to keep pursuing and keep going -- even when the road to where you're headed seems like it'll take forever.

Be strong and courageous. Stay determined. Put that hair on. Wear it with pride. Feel beautiful and know I'm rooting for you...wherever and whoever you are.

[Pantene Beautiful Lengths has donated more than 42,000 real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society where women who have lost theirs due to cancer can receive them for free. Your hair and monetary donations help women battling cancer feel like themselves again. Click here for more information on how you can help.]

*This post is in memory of my Grandma Grace, in honor of my Aunt Cathy, and all the women fighting a courageous battle against cancer. 

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