What Busy Moms Love: Feeding Products

It's no secret that being a mom to two -- almost three -- girls so close in age is awesome; but it does come with challenges.

Like, you know, brushing your teeth or getting out of the house on time ;)

As we prepare for our initiation into the "3 Under 3" club [that exists, right?!], I'm sharing some of my favorite products -- my must-have list for busy moms.

So moms-to-be and moms-that-are, take note!

Today I'm talking about my favorite feeding products: Tommee Tippee.
Apparently, it's our daughter's favorite line, too ;)

Our daughters were both introduced to Tommee Tippee as newborns with bottles, and they've since graduated to the sippy cups.

Here's the newest Filter Water Bottle:
Olivia likes it because it's bigger than her other sippy cups, and I like it because it filters water as she drinks it and because it's spill proof!

And hello? I love all things spill-proof.

And although these colorful bowls aren't spill-proof, they do have lids [+ spots to keep spoons]!
These bowls are perfect for our family when it comes to feeding quickly on-the-go.

And finally, these spoons are my fave.
In fact, we probably have more Tommee Tippee spoons in our silverware drawer than we do actual silverware -- HA!

Aside from the clunky handles that make it easier for toddlers to grab and learn to self-feed, we practice learning colors with these!

It's a win-win when my daughters can not only tell me what color of spoon they want to eat lunch with, but when they can feed themselves!
Sponsored post: I received the above products for free, but opinions, as always, are my own.

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