Why We Chose to Take Maternity Photos

I could think of a million reasons why I didn't want to get maternity photos taken.

My belly is huge. I have an extra chin thanks to the donuts and Hot Tamales I survived on during the first trimester. My clothes are either too tight or too loose or too short for my awkwardly-tall, lanky pregnant body. 

And let's face it, sometimes pregnancy just isn't pretty.

But in the past 30+ weeks I've learned something: 

Pregnancy is about embracing a miracle. It's about continuously accepting your ever-changing body and the precious gift -- life -- that's growing inside of you. 
It's not about the stretch marks or extra pounds or the added inches around the belly.

After years of struggling with infertility, this is certainly a time in our marriage and family worth celebrating. And even on the days I don't feel pretty, this experience is still beautiful.
Why We Chose to Take Maternity Photos
When I look back on my iPhone selfies in the months since we moved and found out we were pregnant, I can't help but think that even in the midst of the longest days, this journey toward meeting our third daughter has gone by incredibly fast. 

And we won't experience these moments as a family again. 
In a few weeks, life for our family will be different. 

It'll be a new, chaotic-but-welcomed balancing act of raising 3 daughters under the age of 3. 
We won't ever experience this same anticipation and excitement of a baby sister growing in Mommy's belly again...because she'll be here!

I want to be able to look back on these nine months and smile and say, "Remember us? Remember how excited and terrified and grateful we were for this season?"

To have these moments captured forever is priceless. 

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