3 Under 3: One Week In

It's been one week since we entered the hospital and left two days later with a tiny six-pound bundle of cuteness.

And lemme tell ya somethin'...

This whole "3 Under 3" club is no joke. Especially while trying to recover from childbirth.
Family of 5
Sometimes -- even in the crazy moments like today during our first trip to the grocery store as a family of five -- I still pinch myself; it's hard to believe how quickly our lives have changed since our baby girl's birthday.
How grateful I am for her little life.

But let's be real. I'm also mega grateful Chris has four weeks off work.


Because things right now are slightly overwhelming.

Our 2-year old has become a master protester of anything sleep-related. In fact, she loves throwing books and kicking and screaming instead. Our 1-year old has enough snot to make us consider buying stock in Kleenex and nasal spray; and our teensy little one-week old eats every two hours around the clock.

And when none of that is happening, we're washing bottles and sippy cups, we're changing diapers and folding attempting to do 2390843 loads of laundry and make sure everyone is fed and surviving.

Still, a weird [and sometimes very small] part of me wouldn't trade the chaos and messiness of this season for the world.

You see, I look back at our marriage and the struggles we had with infertility and building our family, and I'm grateful for weathering those storms because they've prepared us for today; without 'em, we wouldn't be here.

Are these days hard and exhausting? Absolutely. Is our patience tested? More times than we can count.

But man, we are blessed. So, so blessed.

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