5 Tips for Successful Freezer Meal Cooking

Tips for Freezer Meal Cooking
Lots of you commented on my Facebook page when I shared this photo of some girlfriends and me with our loot from a successful 3-hours of freezer meal cooking over the weekend.
Tips for Freezer Meal Cooking
As promised, I'm writing more about our experience, the recipes we chose to use and sharing five tips for freezer meal success:

1. Ask your friends to join you

I don't know anyone who doesn't like to have a few meals on hand. Ask your friends to join you on a specified date. Have them confirm at least 2-weeks in advance to allow time to gather recipes and break down ingredients for a mega grocery list.

(i.e. If six people confirm, you'll want to multiply ingredients in each recipe by six to have enough for a batch for everyone. Note: If math isn't your forte, solicit your mathematician friend do this!)

2. Delegate one person to do the grocery shopping

Who has a SAM'S Club or COSTCO membership? S/he may be a good one to delegate this task to. Each person in attendance should be responsible for paying their portion of the grocery bill. 

For our six meals, we each pitched in $40! Yes, $40 to pay for SIX meals!

3. Have each participant bring and/or prepare meat ahead of time

We all have different preferences when it comes to meat selection. Some of us like organic, grass-fed beef, while others prefer chicken over turkey. Each participant should bring and/or prepare their meat for each recipe ahead of time. Make sure each participant stores their meat (raw or cooked) in a container (a Ziplock bag usually works great!), and have each participant label their Ziplock bag with their name and corresponding recipe.

4. Have each participant bring their own freezer containers

Some people prefer to store meals in glass containers, while others prefer whatever is on sale or fits in our freezer (I've used these, and they work great!). The organizer should specify what size of containers are needed for each recipe, and participants should bring them to the cook session with their name on them.

5. Set up stations for each recipe

On cook-day, it is best to set up recipe stations throughout a kitchen and dining room area. Include the ingredients, measuring and mixing utensils, as well as labeled meat and containers at the station. Each participant will be in charge of making multiple batches of one recipe at her station.

I made six batches of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (I recommend having lots of these muffin pans on hand!). And in case you're wondering...yes, that's a lot of muffins!

Perhaps most importantly, though, don't forget to have fun! Freezer meal cook sessions are a great way to get out of the house and socialize with friends all while doing something helpful for your family!

Turn on some music, and have a good time!

[CLICK HERE to view the recipes we used.]

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