Wishes For My Third Daughter

Wishes for My Daughter
Oh, sweet daughter of mine.

It hasn't always been easy, but my goodness, I've loved our journey together.

Your heartbeat is something I never thought I'd get to hear. Your kicks -- and yes, even your rib jabs in the wee hours of the morning -- are something I never thought I'd have the privilege of feeling. Your constant pokes and prods to my bladder are a reminder of what a gift it is to know you're safe and strong. And your tumbles and rolls and fist bumps have been a blessing to feel and watch for the past nine months.

Your arrival comes with so much anticipation. But I have to be honest, I'm also pretty scared terrified. The doctors estimate you're small; really small. This can be a bit unusual and risky with a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis which is why we're planning to meet you a little early.

Naturally my momma's heart is worried about the extra risks this pregnancy has posed, but your Daddy does a good job reminding me even the smallest girls can be strong.

For weeks, he's constantly reassured me we'll be okay.

You see, in our family, it's kind of a trend. We roll with the unexpected surprises in life -- like whirlwind adoptions, a fast move to a new city and a surprise pregnancy all in the same year.

While we anxiously await for you to take your first breath [or scream or cry...whatever you choose to do, baby girl, is fine with us!], I'm praying...

I'm praying for you to be healthy, for you to be fierce and strong [but please less stubborn than me]. Most importantly, I'm praying for you to always know how much you're loved.

Every tiny ounce of you, my sweet daughter, has been loved from the moment we first learned about you, and nothing will change that.

Our lives -- as chaotic and crazy as most days may seem -- are forever changed because you were chosen to be part of our family. And we can't wait to meet you!

See you soon, baby girl. See you soon...


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