Just Survive

Four weeks.

That's how long my husband has been off work while we adjusted to our new level of chaos with three daughters.

After two whirlwind adoptions of which neither of us qualified for paid leave, I'm grateful he was able to take so much time off work.  

But this morning came, and now our 24/7 bonding time as a family of five is over. At least until the weekends, that is.

Now he's back to working at the job he loves

And I'm going to attempt to not curl up in a fetal position and cry in the corner of our living room while our 2-year old tries to rule the world.

Just kidding (kind of...).

But seriously. Flying solo five days a week with three girls under the age of three is a bit daunting.

Our motto: Just survive.
SAHM, Coffee
I covet your prayers. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

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