Laughing Through the Chaos

This week, the hubbs and I have learned the importance of laughing through the chaos.

It's either that, or flat-out crying. HA. So we choose to laugh...most of the time.

We've laughed over the squeezable yogurt mess in our minivan, the spilled mac & cheese on the dining room floor and that one time we forgot diaper wipes when -- eh hem -- we really need 'em.

Since Addison was born three weeks ago [WHAT. Yes. I know. My baby girl is 3 WEEKS OLD], we've managed to ((gasp)) venture out in public quite a few times with the girls.

And we've all survived. Do we get an award for that? Seriously.

Last week we grabbed some BBQ for our first dinner out as a family of five AND we only managed to spill one cup of ice water. One cup, people. That's a win.

We've laughed over the fact that it takes longer to get the girls loaded into the van than it does to actually run an errand. Except for doctor's appointments. Holy moly, doctor's appointments are an adventure. Thank God the pediatrician's office has Thomas the Train stickers. Lord knows our "two-nager" needs an entire roll of 'em.

And we've laughed at the pure exhaustion that raising 3 girls under the age of 3 has thrown our way.
In fact, our dog knows we're so exhausted that on top of eating our toddlers' lunches, she actually ate an entire raw steak off the counter while we were standing RIGHT THERE. She's totally taking advantage of us.

In all honesty, though, these past few weeks have been a bit foggy. This whole "3 Under 3" business is hard and fun and tiring and draining all at the same time.

But at the end of the lonnnnnnnng days, there are sweet moments of three girls who were chosen to be sisters. And we wouldn't trade the chaos that comes with raising 'em for the world.
These little people are worth it.

We sure wouldn't complain if we had a little more sleep, though ;)

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