These Are The Days

Someday I have a feeling I'll miss the diapers, the books and toys scattered across the living room floor. The fighting over the yellow mega block. The spilled food and week-old sippy cups and bottles found spoiling with curdled milk underneath the couch...

Someday, I'll miss the crackers and cookie crumbs on the floor of the minivan. The hours spent watching Barney and Daniel Tiger while snuggled up together on the couch. The dancing and jumping as we sing along with Thomas the Train's Trackside Tunes for the 324985th time.

I'll look back and miss the night-time requests for reading books. And more books. And just another book.

I'll miss the days where my singing can sooth nerves and my kisses can cure any boo-boo.

I'll miss cutting the crusts off PB&J's and eating off plastic Elmo plates during pretend picnics on the dining room floor.

Someday I'll miss pulling out pacifiers from my purse. And the leg-grabbing, hiding-behind-mom, climbing-on-mom moments in public and in our home.

One day I'll miss the begging and pleading to stay up five minutes after bedtime. Just five more minutes. And maybe another five after that.

I'll miss holding their little hands during evening prayers, and the middle-of-the-night calls for "Mommmmmmy," and a hug after a bad dream.

Someday, after the chaos has settled and sleep is restored and floors are cleaned and dishes are stacked away and laundry is folded or neatly hung in closets moments after it's dry...I think I'll miss it.

I'll miss all of it.

And so today, I choose to treasure it.

I choose to embrace the messy house, the dirty dishes piled high in the sink, the toys and clothes scattered all the way up the staircase.

I choose to appreciate the little arms tugging at my legs, the impromptu hugs and the "Mommy, I love you's..." 

I choose to smile at the fingerprints on the windows, the bubbles spilled and water splashed over the edge of the bathtub.

I choose to enjoy the face-wiping, the hand-washing, the hair-doing...

I choose to soak in every moment.

To value this season -- as messy and crazy and wild and exhausting and challenging as it is.

Because while some days seem to slug by so slowly, I know I'll look back and feel like they actually flew by.

So I choose to love this.

To love them.
And to remember...these, indeed, are the very best days. 

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