I Stand With You

As of yesterday, I've seen 31 years on this earth.

It is beyond my comprehension, however, that as I celebrated another year with confetti cake and brightly lit birthday candles standing tall in the globs of rainbow chip frosting spread by my 2-year old daughter, that someone else would never see another birthday -- or another cake decorated by one of his own children -- again.

It is hard to believe...hours after I scraped my birthday cake plate clean, loaded up our dishwasher and hit the "clean" cycle, a man selling CDs hundreds of miles away would soon take his last breath by no choice of his own.

It is infuriating...as I held my 3-month old baby girl and rocked her back to sleep last night, there was a man -- a father -- cradled in a fetal position on hard concrete after police pinned his body on the ground and killed him in cold blood.

I am sick. I am tired. And I'm sick and tired of watching people justify the murders of black bodies in the hands of individuals who are sworn to serve and protect us.

There are those who may say, "He deserved it," or, "He wasn't listening to police," or, "He had a criminal record. A gun..."

To you I say this:

More than 120 black Americans have died in the hands of police officers this year. Approximately 10 percent of those individuals were unarmed
 (Source: Washington Post database). 

It is high time for something to change. For us to hold officials with knee-jerk reactions responsible. For us to decriminalize black people. For the media to evaluate its reporting practices. For us TO LISTEN TO THE EXPERIENCES OF THOSE WHO ARE DIFFERENT THAN US.

I am terrified for my children to grow up in this world littered with hate and prejudice and violence; I am worried about their birth families who are part of OUR family and whether they'll be around to share in another milestone...

I am embarrassed, outraged and saddened that we allow this to continue to happen...

Trayvon Martin
Tamir Rice
Sandra Bland
Eric Garner
Mike Brown
Freddie Gray...

I am infuriated that a white man who rapes an unconscious woman gets three months in jail while a black man selling CDs gets shot and killed in cold blood by police.

What will it take for this racial profiling to STOP?


What will it take for us to value the lives of black men and women?

People are DYING, and if you're able to sit back and act like this is no big deal or somehow continue to justify or explain this away, then you are precisely part of the problem.
Alton Sterling Black Lives Matter
To the family and loved ones of Mr. Alton Sterling -- a man who unfairly died as I celebrated another year of life: I stand with you.

Rest in peace.

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