On Being Enough

It can be hard to keep up with expectations we set for ourselves and those the world places before us. Life is demanding and consuming and busy.

Am I right?

But as I chase around the pitter-pattering feet of two little girls running on the hardwood floors and glance over at our sweet 3-month old baby kicking her chubby feet on her play mat, I can't help but realize that to all three of my daughters -- in this moment -- I am enough JUST AS I AM.

The world hasn't tainted them with judgments and expectations and pressures.
They don't care what clothes I'm wearing, whether my hair is brushed or teeth are clean. It doesn't bother them if I'm running late or forget to fold the laundry or trip down the steps while taking out the recycling (not saying that's ever happened before...).

They just love.

So innocently. So purely. So genuinely.

And my love? It's somehow enough to move mountains for them. It comforts them. Protects them. And makes the world all better. 

Somehow, my imperfect self is more than enough for them.

And it makes you wonder...if we all took a minute to see things through the eyes of our children, perhaps the world would be a lot more beautiful.

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