Best 9 Gifts to Celebrate Adoptive Families

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I remember the whirlwind of bringing our oldest daughter home. I still can't believe it's been THREE YEARS.

After years of infertility and heartache, it felt like we waited so long to welcome a baby into our lives, when really it was a short 6-month adoption process (you can read more about it here). I wanted so badly to be treated like every other new mom -- embraced and loved just as much as moms who had given birth.

And I think a lot of parents via adoption feel the same way.

Here are 9 gift ideas for adoptive families:

1. Adoption-Friendly Baby Book/Journal

2. Children's Books

3. Freezer Meals
Freezer Meal Tips
Bonus points for disposable dishes :)
Click here for my favorite recipes and tips on successful freezer meal cooking.

4. Journal
A cute journal to remember the fleeting moments of motherhood.

5. Food Delivery
My go-to place to treat others with a delicious meal is Omaha Steaks.
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6. Photography Session
What better way to celebrate the new family than by covering a photo session for them with a local photographer?
(Click here to see photos from Olivia's adoption finalization and Kendra's adoption finalization.)

7. Personalized Gifts
A family's last name has a whole new meaning after an adoption is finalized. Consider getting a personalized gift for them to commemorate their recent adoption; custom wall art, notepads, and home decor make thoughtful gifts!

8. Photo Prints
Tiny Prints - Up to 30% Off
What family wouldn't some of their favorite photos printed and shipped to their doorstep? Offer to pick up the tab -- CLICK HERE for 20% off your photo order at TinyPrints.com!

9. Gift cards
Get the new family a gift card to the movies, bowling, or an activity they can do together. This dinner + movie bundle makes a great gift!

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