No, We're Not Crazy. Welcome to Our Fixer Upper!

She gave the key a shimmy and pushed open the heavy wood door.

We stepped up from the covered concrete porch and cautiously peeked inside over our realtor's shoulders.

It smelled like it had been sitting empty for quite some time. This place needed air freshers years ago.

The 1970s pink carpet nearly disguised the spacious layout.
The heavy pink drapes almost covered up the built-ins in the formal dining area.
And the layers upon layers of wallpaper?
Well, that's another story...
We've done crazier things I suppose, but this fixer-upper is OURS and we're excited to make it our home!
We've had such an adventure this past year: moving 2-hours away for my hubby's job, finalizing our daughter's adoption, and then SURPRISE -- we found out we were pregnant and welcomed Addie to our crew 8-months later...
So it only makes sense to continue embracing the crazy that has become our lives, right?! 
And as crazy as this might seem -- to embark on a fixer-upper while juggling our three young daughters -- it kinda feels like this is part of our plan; like this place has been waiting for us to sell our house and move out of our 3-story, 2-bedroom rental all along.

No doubt about it, we've got our work cut out for us. But we're hoping to give ourselves the next few weeks getting it ready for us to move in. Then you can bet we're throwing THE BEST HOUSEWARMING PARTY on the planet. ;)

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