The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower

The best things in life take a little time, right?!
The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower Theme
My brother and sister-in-law are a testament to that (read more about their long struggle with infertility here).

When it came time to plan this highly anticipated baby shower, we knew a 'ROUND-THE-CLOCK theme was perfect!
The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower
My graphic designer friend at Manda Julaine Designs whipped up these adorable invitations, and we suggested a gift "theme" for guests (i.e. bath time, bedtime, feeding time, etc.).

Guests devoured delicious chicken salad sandwiches from our favorite hometown coffee shop, Wild Carrot.
The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower
Everyone loved these gorgeous and delicious almond-flavored cookies from You Bake Me Happy.
The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower
And put together some cute party favors with these adorable mini bottles of wine (seriously, did you know they even MADE THESE?!) that read:
"Baby is coming, the time is near.
When you hear the news,
Open your bottle and send her a cheer!"
Baby Shower Wine Favors
My sister-in-law opened creative gifts for tummy time, travel time...you name it!
The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower
My sister and I were pretty proud of our group gift for "teething time" including a basket for baby with these necessities:
AND this basket of necessities for Mom and Dad! ;)
The Best Around-The-Clock Baby Shower
We also made sure to stock up the parents-to-be with diapers.

A pack of diapers earned guests a chance to win a $25 gift card to the #1 restaurant the mom-to-be has been craving: Little Caesar's! (Apparently, it's all about the crazy bread!)
Of course we couldn't get by without writing a few clever messages on some of the diaper stash for those late night changes!

Planning this 'Round-The-Clock Baby Shower has me eager to host another baby shower..and OF COURSE anxious to meet my little niece!

Have you been to a memorable baby shower? Do you have a favorite theme? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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