How To Easily Save $10,000 In Home Renovations

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How To Easily Save $10,000 In Home Renovations
No doubt about it, remodeling a home can be an expensive undertaking.

Here are 9 EASY ways to save more than $10,000+ in home renovations:

Offer Cash | Savings: $1,000+

Painting a 2,400 square foot house is expensive and far too labor-intensive for us these days because: kids. We knew we had to hire the pros to do it, but we also knew we didn't have a huge budget for it. We asked around and got quotes, and we saved almost $1,000 by offering CASH. It took three weeks to get the interior painted, but it looks fantastic and we saved a ton by being patient and paying in cash.

We also saved 10% on electric work by paying the electrician cash.

Change Your Address | Savings: $250+

When you change your address online, you'll get a bunch of coupons sent straight to your email.

We made a large purchase at Lowes on exterior doors for the house, and I received a 10% off coupon less than 48-hours later. I called the store, and they did a price adjustment for me, ultimately saving us more than $250!

Price Match | Savings: $300+

We knew we wanted this washer based on the quality, its longevity and its overall rank in Consumer Reports. But dropping $1,000 for a washer alone wasn't in our budget, so we inquired with locally-owned appliance shops. We compiled various prices, negotiated with a business that was willing to price match, and we ended up saving $300 because we found a great deal on this washer 45-minutes away!

Inquire About Rebates | Savings: $5,000

When we found out we needed a new furnace and AC, we cringed. Sure, a good system is an investment; but who has 20g laying around? (Not us!)

We found a local place willing to match the energy company's $2,500 rebate. The rebate-match was a promotion this company had just finished running, but we asked about it anyway and they were generous to honor it!

Shop Clearance Sections | Savings: $300+

Would you believe me if I told you I got these beauties for less than $15 a piece?! (They're still 50% off here!) And because these 95" curtains had been repackaged, I got 'em for $20!

I saved more than $300 by shopping in for clearance window treatments alone.

Coupon Alerts | Savings: $100+

Impulsive buying can be expensive. I found this floor lamp I really wanted, but signed up for a text alert to get discounts at a local store. Whadduya know? Two weeks later, I received a coupon and bought it for $40 less!

I did the same with frames and prints for my photos on our gallery wall.

Shop Online | Savings: $50+

When I ordered rugs and furniture online, I went to Ebates.com first. If I needed to order anything from Amazon, I also went to Ebates.com first. By typing Ebates.com into my browser first, I earned cash-back and discounts from my regular online shopping trip! (Plus, if you use my Ebates.com referral code and sign up for your own account, you'll get a $10 welcome gift -- no strings attached!)

Sell Items | Unlimited

We had a 300 lb concrete sink in our laundry room. Yes. You read that right: a 300 lb CONCRETE SINK.

It definitely wasn't something my and husband and I could carry out and because the plumbing needed to be updated in the house, we had no choice but to get rid of it. We also didn't want to fork over a fortune to bust it up and haul it out. So we listed it on Craigslist and Facebook; within 12-hours five people had contacted us. We didn't make any money off it, but we saved money by offering it free for the hauling!

DIY | $5,000+

This one wasn't necessarily easy, but with a lot of patience and help from family members, we were able to refinish the floors ourselves. We spent weeks ripping up carpet and prying out staples, sanding and sealing floors which saved us well over $5,000.

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