A Tremendous Honor for My Favorite Story

It was rainy. So rainy. All day it was rainy and cold.

But the weather wasn't about to stop us from enjoying our night out in NYC.

Our driver picked us up at 4:45 p.m., and 30-minutes later he was opening the doors for us at The [beautiful] Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers.

I held my gown off the ground with one hand and Chris' arm with my other, and we walked through the doors together.
RESOLVE Night of Hope
I mean, look at the view:
NYC Gala
After a few photos and fancy appetizers, we found our seats and dinner was served.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala
Wine was poured. Lots of wine. But I was far too nervous to drink. I've been away from public speaking for more than two years now. I talk to toddlers and babies and WEAR YOGA PANTS with spit up stains and crushed Cheerios on my butt.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala Emcee Tracey Wilson
The night's host Tracey Wilson energized the crowd. Her enthusiasm was contagious. And her story -- her journey through infertility -- is inspirational (watch her "coming out" video here).
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala
Plus, if I'm being completely honest, I'm glad she was sitting next to me during the salad course because let's be real: I didn't quite know how to eat off of this plate. ;)
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala NYC
RESOLVE’s President & CEO, Barbara Collura opened up the award portion of the night by inviting CNN's Alisyn Camerota on stage to accept the Hope Award for Achievement.
CNN Alisyn Camerota RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala
Other award recipients made their way to the stage and eloquently shared their appreciation for the recogition of their significant contributions to the infertility community.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala Awards
How an Iowa "mom-blogger" like me was worthy of standing among these articulate people who have accomplished SO MUCH with IVF/infertility coverage and laws and access to care is [still] beyond my comprehension.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala NYC
I nervously waited back stage before I was introduced as the recipient for the Hope Award for Best Blog. Don't trip. Breathe. Don't trip. Breathe...
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala NYC Chelsea Piers
When I walked out in my sister's floor-length gown, all eyes were on me.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala Best Blog Award
Here is what I said:

Four years ago, my husband and I were sitting in our living room in small-town Iowa.
It was cold and snowy. Our dog was curled up on the rug next to the fireplace and we starred at each other. 
Our hearts were broken. We felt defeated. 
We had spent years aching to become parents; begging God to somehow make the injections and uncomfortable procedures work. 
But they never did. There was no explanation.  
So on that cold winter day – after years of grieving our inability to have biological children – we made the decision to start the adoption process
At this time, I was a news reporter – chasing stories during the day and telling them at night. Off camera, though, our infertility struggles were a secret. 
And – in typical journalist fashion -- I wanted to share our story.  
I came out of the infertility closet in a blog called “This Family’s Journey.” 
Six months later --  I called my news director because I wasn’t going to work – we were hopping a flight to meet our daughter.  
When Olivia was 18-months old, we got another call. And with twelve hours notice, we brought Kendra home from the hospital.  
I finished out my contract at the local NBC affiliate and decided to stay home. After all, motherhood was something I had dreamed about for so long.
I continued blogging, though; and when Kendra was just seven months old, I had the pleasure to share with thousands of readers that -- to our total surprise -- I was pregnant
(Yes, we have three daughters ages three and under...our house is loud and crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.)
In all seriousness, though, I am honored to accept the HOPE Award for Best Blog
As a journalist, I can say that our family’s journey is my favorite story I’ve ever told.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala Best Blog Award
To the RESOLVE organization that serves and supports families like mine, to the thousands of you who have followed our family's journey through infertility, adoption and pregnancy, to my amazing husband and our families: THANK YOU for this tremendous honor.
RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala NYC
I am humbled and grateful my family's story has touched and inspired so many of you.

One final note: RESOLVE is a vital organization for people struggling with infertility. I hope you'll consider joining the the #GiveItUp4RESOLVE campaign or simply donate by clicking here. Your tax-deductible financial contributions will provide services and support to help families beat infertility.

Photos: 5th Avenue Digital Photography | NY, NY

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