A Special Kind of Christmas Wish

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I was sitting at the computer when the notification popped up.
Oncologists gave us the opportunity to stop chemo... 
I stopped reading. My screen was blurry because tears instantly began bubbling over my eyes and down my cheeks.

My momma's heart shattered into tiny pieces thinking about 9-year old Kyla and how chemo had taken a toll on her little body.
Christmas Wish For Kyla With Cancer
You wouldn't know it from this picture, but Kyla has an inoperable brain tumor.

Her prognosis is something her family doesn't talk about often because each day is a gift.

But the truth is, if this chemo regimen doesn't work -- Kyla will likely die.

Her tumor type is so rare that some of the top oncologists in the country believe she may be one of only three children fighting this battle. One of THREE.
Christmas Wish For Kyla With Cancer
Kyla's mom doesn't need a rare cancer diagnosis to know her daughter is special, though.

She's known that from the day she took her first breath at Allen Hospital in Waterloo in the spring of 2007.
Christmas Wish For Kyla With Cancer
Life was much simpler then. Babies have such an innocence about them, don't they?

Now -- years since her diagnosis, life is complicated. It revolves around dozens of pills and hospital visits in Chicago and Iowa City. There's experimental treatments, uncomfortable side effects and regular checkups with specialists across the country. There's uncertainty and fear, yet faith in believing there are better days ahead.
Christmas Wish For Kyla With Cancer
Amanda has dreams of her beautiful daughter growing into a young woman, finding love and creating a family of her own. But every now and then, reality sinks in. She knows life with her daughter is fleeting. It can change -- it can all be gone -- in an instant.

While Amanda hopes for the best, she is preparing her heart for the worst.

This may be the last Christmas she shares with her daughter.

Still, she prays for a miracle.

And that's where YOU come in...

Will you be part of a Christmas miracle for Kyla?

Can you make this Christmas unforgettable for Kyla and her family?

Here is Kyla's Christmas Wish list -- You can see, it's simple things (like pancakes from IHOP or a new app for her iPad) that bring much joy to this sweet girl.

And she most certainly deserves it.

Amanda is a loyal blog reader-turned-friend. She is a beautiful, strong mother on a journey none of us would ever choose to be on. And during this season of uncertainty in her daughter's life, I can't think of anything more meaningful than the prayers, kindness and generosity from strangers coming together to bring them an unforgettable Christmas.

There is no greater gift for this family than the ability to enjoy the time they have left together.

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