7 EXTRA Stunning Before & After Photos of Our Home

Lots of you loved when I shared 7 Stunning Before & After Photos of Our Home.

We've been in our fixer-upper for four months now, and it's still a work in progress. Minus the whole leaky-sink-pipe-turned-leaky-roof situation we had earlier this month, we're loving our home and the memories we make here.

Here are 7 EXTRA Before & After Photos of Our Home:
Before and After: Living Room
Before and After: Hall
Before and After: Laundry Breezeway
Before and After: Bathroom
Before and After: Hallway
Before and After: Nursery
Before and After: Bedroom/Reading Nook
Don't you love the girls' reading nook? We re-purposed the window boxes from the living room windows (you know, the ones holding the gaudy pink drapes -- see picture #1 for reference)!

Next up on our to-do list: A custom entryway/mudroom unit from our garage and planning our backyard garden!

Side note: If any of you have experience building shelving/storage units like these on Pinterest, will you let me know?
Pinterest Inspired Mudroom Idea

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