This Book About Adoption Has a Horrific Title

I love Usborne books.

In fact, my daughters’ reading nook is filled with dozens of them. DOZENS.

I particularly appreciate the diverse illustrations and language.

No doubt about it my kiddos have fun reading, touching and flip-flapping through this line of interactive books. We make a lot of memories snuggled up in bed reading through the colorful pages together.
This Book About Adoption Has a Horrific Title
But boy, oh boy, did they get this title wrong:
This Book About Adoption Has a Horrific Title
I’ll be honest here: I haven’t actually read the book yet. According to Usborne consultants online, it’s set to be released sometime this year. Maybe the content is really great inside (I hope so), but I simply cannot get past its horrific title.

Babies don’t come from airports.

We all know where babies come from.

And sometimes -- for one reason or another -- babies can't stay with the families they’re born into.

Sometimes their first families love them so much they want to choose the very best for them, and sometimes that's simply not with them.

Sometimes babies travel on airplanes after meeting their new family. Other times they drive across the country with their new parents after saying sad goodbyes. In some cases, they live only a few hours away from their birth families. Other times, oceans separate them from the people who brought them into this world.

As a mom via adoption twice, I know adoption looks different for every family because it looks different within our own. I also know how complicated it is to talk about it with age-appropriate words, particularly with those who have little or no connection to the adoption community.

That's why I deeply appreciate the attempt to bring the subject of adoption into the inquisitive minds of young children through these books. I truly do. I feel like the sooner we introduce our children to important topics like adoption, people with special needs, the LGBTQ community, etc., the more accepting they will be of others and what makes them unique and special.

But babies don’t come from airports. Ever.

To imply they do is vastly inaccurate and a disservice to our children who learn from these very books.

Usborne Books, I hope you'll do better next time. I know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it's hard for me to flip passed the cover of this one.

Meanwhile, here's some of the all-time FAVORITE books in our house (affiliate links):

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