Top 24 Books to Celebrate Black History Month

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"Mommy, I have brown skin and you have white skin!" my 3-year old daughter says excitedly as we read our 238th book today.

She's smart, observant and doesn't yet understand the complexities that come with our differing skin colors, but she knows a difference exists. I love that innocence about her.

The reality is it won't always be this simple, though. I know there will be a day where she'll have questions -- lots of questions -- and experiences -- different from my own -- that cause her to stop and wonder, and maybe even hurt. That's why I feel like it's our duty as parents, regardless of what race or ethnicity our children are, to teach them love and acceptance from the earliest of days.

Here are 24 books to celebrate diversity and Black History Month with your children (click the book's image to read more):

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